Get freed from Rodents with our Effective solutions


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Rodents are those species of mammals which gnaw through different types of rodent controlmaterials causing damages to our property.Their presence in our home remains dangerous as they can contaminate foods, rescinding home, office utensils and transmits various harmful diseases. Rodents like rats, mice, squirrel and bandicoots are frequently viewed in our households, restaurants, warehouses, barns and other buildings.  They can move into our home through small openings and access the undisturbed areas; chew off electrical wires, plumbing pipes and personal properties like furniture’s, books, clothing’s etc…

Control of house rats and mice cannot be done effectively by placing traps. As they are intelligent and more cautious in nature, only a few can be trapped and the remaining will easily develop a behavior called as ‘Bait shyness’ and stay away from these traps and baits. Rodent control thus requires the services and examination of a qualified pest control operator.Greenland pest control is an expert in providing effective and remedial solutions for eradicating rodents from houses, offices, hotels, hospitals and theaters.

We use a combination of anti-coagulant poison and bait which is more effective to eliminate rats. After taking up the poison rats will die only after four days, as a result the chances for ‘Bait shyness’ will be less and the entire population of rat’s starts eating the bait. If you are distressed with rodent’s problems, feel free to contact us. Our trained and certified expert will be always there to help you.